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Reputation system explained

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Reputation system explained Empty Reputation system explained

Post  Killua- on Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:07 am

I'm doing this thread because of the many questions I get on how it
works from new membership and some that have been around awhile.

This thread is to explain the system and it's use, not to debate it's current design or value.

What is reputation?

It is a form of recognition on how much one contributes to our site.
Most reputation is now gained by making good threads and posts on the
site, or to acknowledge someone who offers a service or benefit to

Reputation is not necessarily an indication of trustworthiness for trading in the auction section but generally means the member has been recoginzed as a positive contributor on the site.

Reputation is referred too in a couple of ways. How much Rep you have in
points and how much Rep value you can give to another. That is the
amount of Rep points another member receives when you Thank(10 points), or Rep(20 points).

How do I Rep someone?

After you make 10 posts in the regular forums(Intro and Forum games do
not count towards post count) you can start to give reputation.
The +/- looking one on the upper right is the reputation button.
It will appear on your screen when you have reached 10 posts.

The Thanks Reputation system explained In(10 points) -RepReputation system explained Out(-20) and +Rep(+20 points and 10 posts required to use it) are at the top right corners of a post/topic.

Negative rep is -20.
Neg repping should be reserved for severely abusive posts and spamming.
We ask that you be lenient with new members, who may not be completely
aware of the forum rules or section selection. We have driven many new
members from the site, before they got a chance to learn their way
around the place.

Negative rep abuse will NOT be tolerated and is considered to be worse than rep boosting.
Neg rep comments are to be mature and related to the post they were
applied too and not given to members who you may dislike, but have done a
fair post.
If you have received neg rep in an abusive manner, please contact a staff member.
And do not enter the words Thank You in a rep comment, that will be considered an attempt to boost or conceal you intent.

How often can I give rep?

You can give out a total of 5 rep and 5 thanks in a 24 hr period.
You can not thank and then rep the same thread.
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