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How to post a good suggestion

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How to post a good suggestion Empty How to post a good suggestion

Post  Killua- on Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:01 pm

Whoa! Slow down sailor! You're making a suggestion, or responding to one if you've came here. And I thank you for taking the time to read this. It's what I believe makes a good suggestion, and a good response.

Making a suggestion

So you're making a suggestion. Great! Maybe it'll help the community grow! But only if you get your ideas across properly.

First off, make sure you write in clear to read plain English. Admins and moderators do not want to have to use translators to see what you want posted, and they certainly don't want to have to guess what you want if you write like any of the following:

  • z0mg i WaNt ThIs AdDiNg!!
  • Plz put dis on
  • Plz reed
  • mods don't close - (this will make mods want to close it!)

This alone won't guarantee your suggestion definitely will be approved, however it will significantly raise the chances of the suggestion being approved. Read the next part on how to write a good response.

Responding to a suggestion

Regardless of whether you're responding to a reply on your own suggestion, or a reply on someone elses, writing like an idiot certainly doesn't help, and has lead to reported and deleted posts, threads, and even infractions in certain situations. If you want to post a good response, you need to think about a few things.

First, think about the person you're responding to. Look at the idea through their perspective. This can help you identify possible flaws in future suggestions, whether you post them or not. It will also help you see how they can see the flaw, and allow you to post either a well structured argument against them, or agreeing that the post has flaws.

Next, as with when you suggest an idea, write in clear, easy to read plain English, nothing else. Remember, it's discussions about the suggestion that can actually change a moderator or an administrator's opinion around in your favor.

Explain clearly why you think it is a good or bad suggestion. Make sure you use punctuation where appropriate, so that staff can read sentences like the following without struggling:

I think this is a great idea but what about if GBux are multiplied and become worthless this is bad because then it means the system is basically glitched and worthless it also means we have to increase the cost of things in the store because people can earn GBux easier.

That, is annoying as hell to read, especially in a suggestion discussion.

Instead, tell them in three or four sentences exactly why it's a good or bad idea, pointing out the strong or weak points as you go to aid the suggestion in your favor, and take the time to explain why they're strong or weak points. Remember, it's these suggestions which will shape the future of the forum.

When you've written a post, take time to re-read your post and make sure you've not made any mistakes, and that you have clearly explained any strong or weak points you can pick out.

Responses to the suggestions can sway an administrator or moderator's opinion, depending on how well you argue your side. If you argue it well enough, they may agree with your side. Bear in mind that again, this is not going to definitely guarantee that every suggestion you argue for or against will be approved or denied, however it does feature massively in the mind of staff, especially moderators and administrators, who after all have the final say in if it's to be integrated or not.

Read the next page for some suggestions that as of now will NOT be approved, regardless of how well you argue for it.

Final things

Here's a list of suggestions that will not be approved:

  • Asking for flaming or racism to be allowed. That would lead to the self-destruction of the forum due to flame/race wars.
  • Asking for certain important rules to be changed. This is not going to happen. Rules are here to protect members, so if you disagree with them, you'll have to put up with them.
  • Asking stupid suggestions - ie. any of the above, asking to change the theme, change the logo, change the user rank images. These will be changed when the administrators decide to, not because you want a new logo.

There's much more, and I hope they're posted here so I can include them here, but until then there's the suggestions that just won't be approved, regardless.

Thanks for reading this thread, and I hope this cleans up the suggestions box a little bit =D
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