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Qualifications on becoming a part of Staff

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Qualifications on becoming a part of Staff Empty Qualifications on becoming a part of Staff

Post  Killua- on Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:28 pm

I present to you: The updated for 2011-2012 MINIMUM requirements for staff.

Qualifications on Being a Moderator

1. Must be 16 or older. This is as low as we will go. No exceptions.
2. Must be an active poster, and they must be good posts, especially in video game related posts.
3. Must have good grammar. Proper grammar makes GWO look professional. If you don't have it, you won't represent GWO.
4. Must be premium. No exceptions.
5. Must be a member of GWO for at least a month. No exceptions.

Asking for staff in any way, whether it be via thread, PM, CB, whatever, shows a sign of immaturity, and it SEVERELY decreases your chances. So, simply don't do it. If you're staff material, and we need staff, trust me, we will look at you.

(For anyone who wants to complain about certain ages, current staff are grandfathered in and not subject to these new minimum requirements.)
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